Orcas have come back to Lofoten!

NEWS -we could already identify this pod, those are Orcas we know since 2003, the came often to Lofoten mostly during the summer time, but now also in the summer. It is always nice to see old friends and know they are well and growing! we hope they stay here all summer….-

Just like every year, pods of Orcas come to Lofoten end of April/beginning of May. Yesterday a big pod of ca 20 animals have been seen and photographed by Oone Torgesen in Mosknenes from land.
We have published a paper on salmon feeding Orcas in northern Norway in 2013 describing pods that stay in a fjord all summer. Last year we had two pods in Lofoten from May all the way until October, they were feeding on salmon and mackerel. In 2012 we even had “Stumpy” visiting us, which shows that those are the same Orcas that feed on herring during the winter time.

We need pictures to identify the animals and  compare it to our Photo-ID catalog, which contains more than 700 individuals since 2003. Please share photos of Orcas you have taken in Norway (winter and summer) to support our research! Please send them to: info@ocean-sounds.org

I really hope that the boat mechanic will come today and fix the boat, so I can go out looking for these Orcas tomorrow and the next days!
And I hope that we will get enough donations to be able to do our research. The research stipend from the WWF was our only source of money to do our field work and we depend now more than ever on private donations. Please if you like our work support us, become a member / donate, so we can continue our important work, thank you!!


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