Ocean Sounds

We see Marine Mammals through sounds and give them a voice

Whales and dolphins are not only the most socially complex, but also the most closely bonded societies in our oceans. Their languages, culture and identity are shaped by ocean sounds. We want to involve people to get to hear them, to understand their essential role within the marine ecosystem and the threats they face from our activities, in particular ocean noise.

Together we want to act and protect ocean life on which we all depend. 

Ocean Sounds is dedicated to giving a voice to whales and dolphins studying their vocal and social behaviour and monitoring human impacts. Based in northern Norway since 2005, and more recently in Germany, Chile and Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

We present the world of whales and dolphins in  interactive science and art projects from our collected corresponding audio and visual material and knowledge gained throughout our 15 years of research and conservation.

We want to make the world of the whales and the marine ecosystem alive to give people the possibility to experience and feel the sounds of the ocean  to understand how their own lives are affected by the sounds and how their own actions can affect the lives of the whales and life in the ocean. We aim to motivate people to behave  more sustainable and responsible for the future of our planet .

listen · understand · act · protect

listen · understand · act · protect

Our Projects


this is where it all started in 2005 in a fishing village in northern Norway, in Henningsvaer on Lofoten islands.

We have moved to Bodo and conduct field work in the Vestfjord and the Lofoten islands during the summer.


a place where science meets art, and art meets people.

Through Art we try to build a bridge between the often dry and hard to swallow research results and the interest of people.


after visiting Raja Ampat and discovering more than 18 different species of marine mammals, we saw the need of a locally anchored whale and dolphin research and conservation project.
We started a collaboration with scientists from the polytechnical University of Sorong, West Papua

Heike Vester auf einem Vortrag in Deutschland


here we registered our organisation in 2014 to create a base to publish our activities and results from our field work stations in Norway and Raja Ampat. This gives us a broad platform in an area where whales and the ocean are far from the daily lives and we can connect people to the sea.

Marine Mammals

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