listen – understand – act – protect

Ocean Sounds Marine Mammal Science & Conservation

focuses on the biology and vocal communication of marine mammals in different places of the world.

Our work builds a foundation for an understanding and protection of unique marine ecosystems. We use our results to give advice to government, businesses and organizations, create lectures, courses, projects and products.


we cooperate with other institutes or environmental organizations. We can help our partners with our research knowledge to introduce sustainable and responsible tourism, conservation management or animal welfare.

Currently we have 3 projects:

Ocean Sounds Norway, this is where it all started in 2005 in a fishing village in northern Norway, in Henningsvaer on Lofoten islands. We have moved to Bodo and conduct field work in the Vestfjord and the Lofoten islands during the summer.

Ocean Sounds Indonesia, after visiting Raja Ampat and discovering more than 18 different species of marine mammals and will continue our conservation effort with local partners.

Ocean Sounds Germany, here we registered our organisation in 2014 to create a base to publish our activities and results from our field work stations in Norway and Raja Ampat. This gives us a broad platform in an area where whales and the ocean are far from the daily lives and we can connect people to the sea.

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