Humpback whale in Henningsvaer Harbour

This morning a young humpback whale (which was first claimed to be a big minke whale) was swimming inside the harbour of Henningsvaer, the whales have arrived.Humpback whales normally arrive in Lofoten around this time and for the last 3 years have been seen close to the Henningsvaer harbour. We don’t know if the young humpbacks also undergo those long migrations to the south and back again, there is no need for them and we suspect they stay in the north.

The whaling season in Norway has begun, already more than 30 minke whales have been killed. We oppose this cruel slaughter and hope that the people up here open up for discussion and start asking deeper questions, is it really necessary to kill marine mammals or can we live with a more animal friendly view on life?
The picture shows “Heiko” a minke whale that lived inside a bay in Svolvær last year. Heiko was very popular, people visited it every day and stopped fishing there after a hook was seen on its back.
Many people showed a very different view towards the minke whale, they cared and liked the animal. Can we not move from old and cruel traditions (even though Norwegian whaling is not really a tradition!) towards a modern way of life where we care about our environment and especially animals?


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