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Main contact:

Non-profit organization registered in Germany:

Ocean Sounds e. V. VR721563

1. Director: Heike Vester
2. Director: Madita Zetzsche
Treasurer: Ralf Ehret
1. Co-chair: Tobias Kostial
2. Co-chair: Andreas Thiele

Facebook: orca.oceansounds
Instagram: oceansounds

Ocean Sounds postal address:

Julius-Hoelder-Strasse 12, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany 

Tel +49-711-5409949

Administration in Germany:
c/o Ehret.Grau.Partner Steuerberater mbB
Erlenstraße 18, 73663 Berglen, Germany

Ocean Sounds Norway:
Bjorn and Ellyne Hamran
Phone: + 47-91842012

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