Orca Pod in Lofoten

Sunday, the 3rd of May I finally saw the pod of Orcas myself, when I went with Eric Fokke to study them all day from land. First we found them along the road between Djypfjorden and Reine and we were hoping that they would start feeding under the bridge of Reine..but they did not find any fish and traveled, probably searching for fish, along the coast to Sund. There they rested for a couple of hours and then they traveled back to Reine, Djypfjorden and all the way to Å. We could follow them easily with the car, which is the most non-intrusive way of watching whales!
However, I had no chance to take sound recordings from land, they were too fast and coast line is too shallow and rocky to do that… I need my boat to do that!
We had to leave at one point, but Karolin found the same Orcas feeding between Djypfjord and Reine in the evening, so by the end of the day the whales were successfully feeding!
I can recommend everybody that wants to see the whales to drive along the coast with patience, it is the friendliest way to observe them, take pictures or just enjoy the view from land.

We will keep you updated on our work, as soon as the boat is repaired and we are in action! Unfortunately there are still problems with the repair…


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