News from Raja Ampat 

While Krisztina is studying the whales in the north, I made my way to the equator, to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia to continue with our project. The goal is to evaluate the local whale and dolphin population and create a tourims and protection program for whales in Raja Ampat. I was kindly invited by the Papua Paradise Resort, who support our project and efforts!
Our visit will last until the end of March 2016.
During the last visit we found 14 different species of marine mammals in the area and during my second boat trip a couple of days ago i found 6 of them. First we encountered a small and shy group of small spinner dolphins, then found 2 pygmy sperm whales logging on the surface, shortly after a feeding Bryde’s whale passed us and in the end we found over 100 short-finned pilot whales resting and logging at the surface. On our careful approach a pod of ca 40 Bottlenose dolphins came to our boat and later long-snouted spinner and Fraser’s dolphins joined the large pod of pilot whales as well.
What a wonderful start of the season in Raja Ampat!!

Last night i gave a whale and dolphin presentation for the guests and staff at the Papua Paradise Resort and tomorrow I continue with the boat trips…

Enjoy some pictures..

greetings from Papua,


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