Happy welcoming New Year!

2015 has come to an end, it was a challenging year full of hard struggles and some losses, the transition of Ocean Sounds AS (a Norwegian limited) into a non-profit Organization (Ocean Sounds e.V., located in Germany) was not easy and cost quite a lot of Norwegian kroner…. But it is done and we had our first membership meeting in December!
Now we have to build it up together, so we can involve more people in our conservation projects!

The first step was to create a website, instagram and our facebooksite to present our data and goals to the public and open the organization up for supporting members.
Then we presented the projects twice in Germany as public lectures, and many other lectures in Norway and West Papua.
Ocean Sounds e.V. is now successfully up and running and you can join us (if you have not done so already).

What else happened in 2015? Well if you follow our news then you already know most of it, but here is a short summary:

  • January-March started a new project in Raja Ampat in cooperation with Papua Paradise Eco Resort

  • April-September field work in Norway, including teaching a course in Marine Mammal Biology for the University of Nordland in Bodoe, filming with Spiegel TV and members of the CarbonFix Foundation and doing our own research on mostly long-finned pilot whales and killer whales.
    However it wasn’t our best summer there, we had many bad problems with the boat and the often bad weather made it hard to go out and do our work!

  • December continue with the project in Raja Ampat

  • November-February study the killer whales in northern Norway (mainly Photo-ID)

What are our plans for 2016?

  • Fund raising!!! (we need help here)

  • April- September: Repair the boat engine and continue with the field work and teaching in Lofoten, Norway

  • Focus on seismic survey activities outside the Vestfjord and study the migration of long-finned pilot whales with help of Photo-ID

  • Publish part of our Photo-ID catalogues and sound library on the Ocean Sounds website for the public view

  • Create T-shirts, Postcards and other fun Ocean Sounds articles

  • Get a drone to film the whales behavior from above while we record the sounds beneath the water surface to better understand the whales behavior

  • Small scale conservation and art project (open for ideas)

  • October continue with the Raja Ampat project

If you have wishes or ideas on what we can do better, please let us know.

We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year, and thank you all for your support!!

Your Ocean Sounds Team

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