Boat back in the water!

Boat is back in the water!
We had 2 weeks of beautiful summer weather, but the engine was broken and we could not go out at sea to search for whales. Finally the engine is running again (not totally fixed) and we are out again, but the weather turned bad and cold and we have not heard any whales.. but there are rainbows and we will try our luck today because the Orcas have been seen in Reine yesterday!
In the meantime we hope that our insurance company will be nice to us and cover all the repair costs, apparently all the cables are corroded and everything needs to changed!

Unfortunately the next day we could not find any whales today!
The weather was nice, just a bit cold (fall is here and I have to unpack my winter boots), we went all the way to Reine, to Moskenesstraumen and back out in the Vestfjord before the northwestern winds forced us back on land (after almost 10hrs!) – not a sight or sound of a marine mammal, it was very empty here today, just a few seabirds.. but we won’t give up! Next good weather day we will be out again!
It’s good to have the boat back!!!

Vestfjord-15-09-01_hvester (1 of 1)
Vestfjord-15-09-01_hvester (1 of 1)-3
Vestfjord-15-09-01_hvester (1 of 1)-4
Vestfjord-15-09-01_hvester (1 of 2)
Vestfjord-15-09-01_hvester (2 of 2)
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