Orcas during field course

During our field course in Marine Mammal Biology (BI227 at UiN) with 12 students from all over the world, we were looking for the group of Orcas that has been seen in Moskenes in Lofoten during the last few days.
And just as we came to Nusfjord a student discovered a large group of Orcas traveling along the shore westwards… we could follow and study them for some time on their way to Å and they even came close to the boat several times! What a great opportunity for students to learn about those fascinating animals in the wild.

From photos I could identify the group already, it is a group we saw last in 2007! One of the students wants to do her master project with us and hopefully we can convince the University to continue my teaching position to do do! The student could look into the different groups of Orca that visit the Lofoten in the summer time with the Orca that come to Troms, Senja and Andenes in the winter time, a follow up of our article: first record of salmon feeding Orcas in northern Norway!

Today is windy and rainy and we will work on Photo-ID to find out which individuals were seen yesterday and if we saw them in 2007 as well. And tomorrow we may go towards the Trollfjord to look for dolphins and minke whales..

The Marine Mammal Biology course is a unique possibility for students to study whales in the field in Norway! However just a few days ago I received a call from the head of the faculty that my position will not be continued after June 2015 and the course will be shut down if we can’t get enough students for next spring semester.
It would be a shame for students from all over the world if the University in Nordland would let go of this chance…

Help us, write your opinion and let us know of whale sightings and hopefully support us with pictures!

Thank you,


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