Orca news Lofoten

As promised here is an update on the group of 20-30 Orcas that have been seen in the south of Lofoten since end of April. They are still in the same area and can easily be seen from land (E10) between Sund and Å.
Feeding spots are outside Bridges, because the water streams concentrate fish there, good view points are: Bridge at Sund, Sakrisøy and Reine bridges, and the Djypfjorden bridge, but they can also be seen anywhere in between, close to land, keep your eyes open and share your pictures with us!

My boat is now in the water and I only have to wait for the wind to calm down and I will finally start with the field work and will then be able to give more news from the field!

Hope you will continue following us..
Thank you all for your support!

… in the meantime enjoy some pictures from Eric Fokke (lofotenbilder), who photographed the Orcas:

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