New Ocean Sounds

Starting point for a new Ocean Sounds look was set on the weekend of 03.-06. march at the Stiftungshaus Comundialis Stiftung in Hetzerath (Germany)! For a long time now we were thinking of new ways to present our ideas and we feel the urgency to further develop Ocean Sounds. The missing link, however, has not been found until now. Ilse Preiss from the Comundialis Stiftung has invited us to visit her and offered a supportive professional workshop to collect our ideas and create next steps.

Radio Interview SWR1 Leute

Today 23-3-2020 Heike Vester gave a long interview on a German Radio channel: SWR1-Leute-Heute.
She talks about Ocean Sounds, the whales and the challenges she faces, in partiuclar during the current coronavirus crisis.

Difficulties in times of the Corona Virus crisis

The unfortunate crisis caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) leaves many people and organisations stranded and confronts them with unforeseen challenges.

For Ocean Sounds as a small non-profit organisation that depends on donations this tim…

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