Whales and Corals

Ocean Sounds and Coralive.org together plan a new project in conservation!

With our joint video production we take you on a short trip to an underwater symbiosis you might not expect.

How are whales connected to corals and what to they mean for each other?
The underwater world of whales is full of sounds, but how do corals come into play?

Together we show how whales feed the coral gardens and how whales are guided safely by the enormous soundscape of corals.

Climate change and pollution is destroying this sensitive complex interplay of species. With massive bleaching and death of corals the ocean suddenly becomes very silent and that has a devastating effect beyond the reef. With this video message we emphasise the urgency to protect both corals and whales in order to keep the entire ecosystem healthy and in balance.

Stay tuned, more about our joint work will be coming soon!

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