Norway fieldwork has started!

Ocean Sounds Norway – Summer 2020

We have begun our boat field work studying whales in northern Norway!

Starting a new and exciting research season, we launched our rib back into the water at the start of May. With many different projects in the works, the Ocean Sounds Norway team will be conducting research on both the Lofoten side of Vestfjorden and on the Bodø side this summer. We look forward to again spending our time with long-finned pilot whales and orcas, learning more about their vocalizations, behaviors, and manmade impacts. 

May 2020

At the start of May we will prepare and launch our boat back into the water in Bodø. This month we are focusing on preparing and testing the equipment on researching the eastern side of the Vestfjord and the connecting fjords around Bodø. Sometimes pilot whales and orcas are seen in these areas feeding during this season. Even though the first two weeks of May may be cold and snowy, we are looking forward to a nice spring start of the field season. Starting the field season in early May is enabling us to monitor a larger area to better understand how the whales utilize this area. At the end of May we will prepare to move the boat, the team of researchers and interns to the Lofoten Islands.

June through August 2020

We will be moving our boat and team to the western side of Lofoten this summer. We are going to be exploring more of this side of the Vestfjord and spending more days in Lofoten than last year. During the past three years we have widened our research area by including the Eastern Bodø side of the Vestfjord and connecting fjords, but this year we are incorporating and focusing more of our search efforts in Lofoten. Our hope is to spend more time with the whales and less search hours that could be used more effectively. Let’s hope that the weather will allow for a calm and beautiful summer. Our wonderful research assistants will join us in Lofoten this summer, they are eager to come help us in the fieldwork.

September and October 2020

We will be moving our boat and team back to Bodø to continue our research on the eastern side of the Vestfjord and connecting fjords. We hope to end the field season strong before preparing the boat to be removed for safe winter storing.

We are thankful to our local harbor for sponsoring the boat spot for us again this year, so we can have easy access to the Vestfjord area while still being sheltered on the windy days.

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