Difficulties in times of the Corona Virus crisis

The unfortunate crisis caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) leaves many people and organisations stranded and confronts them with unforeseen challenges.

For Ocean Sounds as a small non-profit organisation that depends on donations this time is really difficult. All our fundraising events got cancelled and funds are redirected to immediate urgencies. While this is all necessary and understandable, there is no compensation or other possibility for us to continue our work.
Travel bans have been introduced and our planned project in Raja Ampat has been postponed until some time after the crisis.
Norway is still operating as usual but we are not allowed to have more people on board and expeditions will be cancelled.
Everything is uncertain at the moment.

We are looking for other ways to work and distribute our knowledge, however missing funding will restrict us immensely.

Heike Vester will give an interview on 23.3.2020 at the Stuttgart radio station SWR1- Leute and will dicuss the current situation (link in German)

If you want to help us, please purchase a CD or our new T-shirts, or give a donation.

Everything counts!

Thank you,
your Ocean Sounds Team

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