whale drawings & engine problems

This isn’t a summer break, the sun is shining and it is perfect to spot whales, just today we heard that a group of Orcas was in the Reinefjord!
But we are forced to stay on land because the boat keeps having problems and we just have to send it to the mechanic over and over again, after one thing is fixed another breaks…we bought our boat in 2006 and 9 years of long field trips in often harsh weather conditions left their marks. The bill to fix the boat has now gone above 1500 Euro and we still have to wait for another hopefully last repair, so we can use it for the rest of the season. But for 2016 we need a new engine!

If you want to help us, please go to our donation & membership page or sent us an email:
Thank you!!!

In the meantime our visit and new member of Ocean Sounds, Chris Studer from Zurich, Switzerland has been very creative, he uses pencil and ink to draw whales, dolphins and a dugong

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