Orcas and Spermwhales!

2015-06-17 Yes the weather was nice and we could go out at sea again for 14 hours! First we got 2 messages from Reine that a group of Orcas was spotted there and it took us a couple of hours to find them but what a surprise, new groups! but well known to us, one group was seen last 2010 feeding on seals and the other one 2012 in the Vestfjord, both groups were now feeding on fish (probably herring, I heard carousel feeding underwater) and probable mating behavior was observed…it is so nice to see groups again and after 12 yrs of research, collecting pictures, sounds and observing them closely, I now see the first results, matches between years, different feeding behavior, mating behavior between the groups…and the sounds can be correlated to behavioral contexts! I feel like I finally can start to understand their behavior and make sense of all the data I have collected over all those years..what a great feeling, it all makes sense now and I know (again) why I am here and what my task is, only if we understand the whales can we protect them and their marine environment!

When we listened to the Orca, we also heard 2 Sperm whales clicking away in the deep distance of the Vestfjord, it was a whale paradise yesterday, without the noise of seismic airguns greedily searching for oil..

We also heard that pilot whales were spotted 3 days ago outside Skutvik and Tom and I will go out looking for them tomorrow morning. We can’t be everywhere at the same time, so we need your help, please report sighting of whales and send us pictures!

Thank you, Heike

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