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The group of Orca (Orcinus orca) with ca 20-30 Individuals are still in Lofoten and we could finally study them with our boat! They swam really close to shore, catching a fish every once in a while.. we know this groups since 2003 and they are used to boats and are not shy since they were often seen with fishermen and whale watching in Tysfjord (however since 2010 there aren’t any whales in Tysfjord during the winter, the herring has changed its over wintering ground and whales (Orca, Humpback and Fin whales) can now be found from November-February in Tromsø-Andenens). This group often comes close to boats, so there is no need to chase them, especially when they are feeding, please turn the engine off and just observe, the noise will disturb them! And remember leave slowly…but the best and most whale friendly whale watching is done from land, we showed you in earlier news the map where you can find them.
There are at least 4 babies in this group but I could not identify the dead one from earlier pictures, but we will keep you updated.
Please help us and report whale sighting in Lofoten and the Vestfjord and share your photos with us. Today we got a report that the Orcas were in Nusfjord, feeding.

Thank you very much!!!

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and even grey seals came to the inner side of Lofoten for the summer haul-outs! We just hope that the hunters won’t find them and no hunter tourists will kill them for fun or money (yes that is allowed and done in Norway seal killing tourism!.
However enjoy a few pictures I took the last few days:

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