New Orca Pod!

In May this year we received photos from a pod of Orcas that was seen in southern Norway, in the Skagerrak region. First I looked at our Photo-ID catalog of nearly 700 individuals from northern Norway, but we could not find a match. Then I asked people from the Icelandic Orca project if they know these animals, but no match could be found, so this pod was recognized for the first time.
Then 3 months later I received another picture of the same pod a bit further east at the West coast of Sweden. This pod might have been in this region for the entire time, but we have no documentation on their feeding or migration behavior.
Thanks to Helge Ørvik and Thomas Lyrholm who kindly shared their images and sightings with us we can document and follow Orcas in the Skagerrak for the first time!
We still know so little about the Orcas in the north Atlantic, especially in the north sea, where sightings are very rare, there could be different populations between the regions (northern Norway, Svalbard, Iceland, Shetland, North Sea), but where are their home ranges and are they different from each other?
We need a good network of scientists and observers in order to answer some of these questions, the next project will be to compare our entire Orca Photo-ID database with the Icelandic one to find out if there are overlaps. This will be done with our partner: Icelandic Orcas

So if you have seen this male Orca anywhere, please contact us, we need your help to find out more about this new pod of Orcas!
Thank you!

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