Fund received!

CarbonFix Foundation [] are pleased to announce 2015 56,000NOK funding for whale research biologist Heike Vester and Ocean-Sounds [] Conservation working in the Lofoten Islands Norway. Our primary interest is to work with and support Heike in better understanding the impacts of Oil and Gas exploration seismic testing on cetaceans species behaviour.

It is hoped the research on pilot whales in particular will widen to form a coalition of whale biologists in Norway, Scotland, Iceland and Ireland in 2016 to better understand and share data on species migration patterns. Ecologist Paul Thompson Founder of CarbonFix Foundation said ” there has never been a greater need for research such as this with rapidly escalating pressures on the north atlantic and arctic marine ecosystems from oil/gas exploration and whaling. We are pleased to be working with Ocean-Sounds and Heike who for years have pioneered this research in the Lofoten area of Norway.

Thank you, this has saved our summer 2015 field work!!!



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