Norways ice sealing stopped!

Finally after so many years of bloodshed the government stopped subsidizing the seal hunt in the ice. The last sealing vessel came back to Tromsø with the last kill of a bit more than 2000 seals.
There is no danger for the fishermen, seals do not breed quickly, they only have one cub a year and almost half of them die within the first years, so NO, they will not eat all the fish!

On our first day out with the field course of BI227-Marine Mammal Biology (UiN) we saw 2 different species of seals, the grey seal and harbour seal. It was a great opportunity to learn about their behaviour both in low tide and in high tide. 12 students from all over the world love to see these wonderful marine mammals in Lofoten!
We hope that the coastal sealing will be stopped soon as well, we do not see many seals along the coast of Lofoten and again there is no danger for the fishermen, they had a record high fishing season of cod in 2015! The seals are popular among people and can often been seen from land, which can attract visitors to Lofoten.

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