Fin whales & Orcas & Spiegel TV

During our last 2 trips we encountered different whales! First we saw a mother and calf fin whale in the middle of the Vestfjord,  they were feeding on plankton. Only once did the gentle giants come very close to our boat, had a look and went on feeding… the second largest animal on this planet (24m) honored us with a close visit, what a special moment…if it wouldn’t be for the booming loud seismic survey sounds that mask the fin whales 20 Hz communication calls, the world would have been peaceful and nice..but these greedy sounds booom all through the summer, every 8 seconds, day and night for months!! there isn’t a quite coastal area in Norway for these giants anymore…marine seismic surveys searching for oil, gas and minerals are conducted all over the world, damaging the life in the sea only to still our ever growing hunger for these materials and fossil fuel..what a sad sign of our modern society!

Yesterday we had a film crew from Germany (Spiegel TV) with us and we found a group of Orcas (8 individuals, 2 mothers with calves and a big male). We could witness them feeding, probably on salmon, since they did the single chase and breached a lot.
We will look for pilot whales today and hopefully will be able to film them, so the people in Germany can view it on their teli.

here are a few pictures from the whales:

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