WWF stopped their support!

We have gotten a notice that our long term support from the WWF Sweden has been cancelled this year, apparently other projects became more important than ours…the WWF has given us a research stipend every year since 2007 for our research on Orcas in Norway and we are very grateful for it and hope that they will pick it up again.
However, we are now without funding for our summer field work in Lofoten/Norway!

Another challenge is to keep our info center open this summer, we need money for rent and people to run it, the little donations we have, we will use for our research.
This year we will focus on the killer whale groups coming to Lofoten for the summer months, study their behavior and find out more which groups are salmon feeders and study context specific vocalization.
In addition we focis on long-term pilot whales and how they are affected by the increasing seismic surveys close to Lofoten.

However, we will try to keep a small center open in June 2015 at Heimgårdsbrygge in Henningsvær, stop by if you are in the area..

Sorry again that we cannot offer you more this summer, however if you become a supporting member and donate more than 1000 Euro/year, you can join us on our research trips..

I hope you do understand our critical situation and thank you for your support!

For the Whales of Lofoten,

Heike Vester

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